How Pure Firefly Excels at Email Marketing for Universities & Schools

Pure Firefly is a full-service email marketing agency staffed by Mailchimp-certified email experts. We work with clients around the country & across multiple industries, but email marketing for universities & schools is one of our specialties. Here's how we do it.

Pure Firefly Helps Clients in Education Manage their Audiences

Universities and schools may face challenges when organizing their Mailchimp audience. Whether you aim to separate faculty from students, identify contacts by graduation year, or otherwise segment your audience, we're here to help. For advice on segmentation strategy, consider a Mailchimp success session or our Mailchimp audit.

Along with strategic segmentation and audience management, our team can assist with integrations. We use Mailchimp-native integrations and Zapier to help our clients' data migrate into Mailchimp from their other online platforms.

Maximize Deliverability for Universities Schools

While deliverability is important for any organization, universities and schools, in particular, need to keep their emails out of the spam folder. We use up-to-date knowledge of the email marketing industry to help our clients stay out of spam. Our email marketing experts help clients with deliverability using strategies such as
  • Domain authentication via Mailchimp
  • DNS records
  • List cleaning & audience management
  • Re-engagement campaigns
  • In-depth Mailchimp audits
Our deliverability services help clients improve the likelihood that their audience will receive their emails. This can increase engagement on the essential information universities and schools provide via email.

Use Design & Strategy to Increase Conversion

Pure Firefly's design and consulting services are tailored to our clients in education. We follow industry standards and exceed seasonal trends. Plus, our portfolio represents only a small portion of our design work for universities, schools, and other clients. Our team is here to help design & strategize:

  • Welcome journeys
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Course updates
  • Event invitations
  • Landing pages
  • Annual journeys
  • Fundraising campaigns

For all things Mailchimp strategy and design, Pure Firefly comes armed with years of experience, an understanding of data analytics, and a wealth of creativity.

Partner with Pure Firefly for your University or School

For educational organizations looking to take their email marketing to the next level (or take the weight of it off their shoulders), Pure Firefly may be the perfect fit. Our Mailchimp audit is a great place to start if you're seeking an in-depth review of your email marketing practices. From marketing basics to expert Mailchimp strategy, everything starts with an email.

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