Why Nonprofits Choose Pure Firefly for Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent tool for nonprofits looking to expand their reach, boost donations, and better serve the communities they work with. Regardless of their cause, Pure Firefly's team of Mailchimp experts can help nonprofits excel at email marketing. Here's why nonprofits and charitable organizations consistently choose Pure Firefly.

Cost-Effective Services for Nonprofits

At Pure Firefly, we understand the plight of nonprofits who have to make the most of a shoestring budget. As a small business, we work smarter to deliver results. Whether you're looking for a boost in donations, increased engagement, or successful lead generation, our services are tailored to your goals and backed up by our understanding of the email marketing industry. We offer one-time template designs and one-on-one calls or clients on a tight budget (or deadline). Nonprofit organizations searching for continuous support can also bring us on retainer for repeated consultation as well as newsletter design, copywriting, and scheduling. Check out our services page to learn more about what we offer.

A Track Record of Nonprofit Email Marketing Success

Nonprofit email marketing requires attention to detail and a fair share of creativity. Finding the right fit for your organization doesn't have to be a shot in the dark. Pure Firefly has proven success working with nonprofits and a passion for helping charitable organizations achieve their goals. In 2021, our work with The Guild of Scenic Artists was featured on Mailchimp's website. Kristy McCarley, Pure Firefly's founder and chief strategist, worked with the organization to raise donations 3x over their target. Email marketing with Pure Firefly helped The Guild of Scenic Artists exceed their predicted webinar registration by 200%. Since 2021, we have continued providing expert services to charitable organizations across the U.S. and beyond.

Work with Pure Firefly's Team of Mailchimp Experts

The team at Pure Firefly is Mailchimp certified and here to help! For every nonprofit client, we leverage our knowledge of email marketing strategies like A/B testing, marketing automation, data analytics, and more. We continuously update our template designs in response to campaign analytics and meet regularly with our clients to provide the best email marketing for their needs. If you're a nonprofit or charitable organization interested in working with Pure Firefly, we'd love to hear from you! Contact Us
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