3 Email Automations for Agile Marketing

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In a time where inboxes are more crowded than ever, email automation can help you break through the noise. Automated emails engage subscribers at key points in their relationship with your brand, business, or nonprofit organization. By responding to subscriber behavior with email automations, you can create a robust & effective email marketing strategy.

Build a Welcome Email Automation

You’ve likely seen it 100 times. You’re browsing your favorite online store, and a pop-up offers 10% off when you subscribe to their emails. How would you feel if that pop-up wasn’t followed by the 10% off it promised? Email automation helps businesses deliver on their promises, building trust with new subscribers.

A welcome email is one of the simplest forms of email automation and one of our most-requested services. When a subscriber signs up, a welcome email should greet them. This email encourages new subscribers to engage, often with a promotional offer. However, welcome emails aren’t just for online sellers.

Welcome automations can help all kinds of organizations nurture positive relationships with their subscribers. An effective welcome series describes the emails a subscriber will receive, then dives beneath the surface. Woo subscribers with your company’s heartwarming origin story, or demonstrate your nonprofit’s impact with news from the communities you serve. The choice is yours, and advice from an email marketing expert can help you build the most effective strategy.

Use Automations to Reward Loyalty

Experienced business owners and nonprofit leaders know that loyalty is key. Use email automations to nourish your most loyal audience members – whether they’re avid online shoppers or monthly donors passionate about your cause.

To set up email automation rewarding customer (or donor) loyalty, consider which actions you’d like to encourage. Your email automation may be triggered when…

  • A customer completes their 100th purchase
  • Someone donates a cumulative amount over $1000
  • A subscriber opens every email you’ve sent in the past 3 months

If you’re using Mailchimp’s customer journeys builder to create your automation, some triggers will require an integration with an online store. You may also be able to create a workaround using tags. Consider consulting a Mailchimp Pro Partner to learn more.

Create Abandoned Cart Automations

Well-timed email automations help customers cross the finish line, so you can deliver on every sale. Set up an abandoned cart automation to reach subscribers when they put a product in their cart but don’t buy it. Abandoned cart emails boost sales, and keep your brand at the top of your subscribers’ minds.

If you’d like to use Mailchimp to create an abandoned cart automation, you’ll need to use an integration. Browse Mailchimp’s integrations to ensure your selling platform is compatible. Especially tech-savvy email marketers may also use Webhooks to set up a custom connection.

Pure Firefly Uses Email Automation Every Day

Whenever we take on a new client, email automation is a major talking point. We tailor every automation to our client’s goals and incorporate several rounds of review to ensure all automated emails are up to their brand standards. Contact us to make setting up your welcome journey or abandoned cart automation simple.

Looking for more of a quick Q&A? We offer one-on-one calls too.

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