Does Mailchimp Go to Spam? 5 Deliverability FAQs

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New Mailchimp users often ask: Does Mailchimp go to spam? The answer is, it depends. Who a user sends to, what they send, and how they send it all factor into their email deliverability. The good news is that Mailchimp takes several steps to help its users’ emails stay out of the spam folder.

When Does Mailchimp Go to Spam?

There are many reasons why a sender might find their emails are ending up in the spam folder. Believe it or not, the exact requirements inbox service providers check for spam are kept secret. This helps to prevent spammers from gaming the system. However, there are some guidelines which can help you make progress towards better deliverability.

If you’re wondering why your Mailchimp emails are going to spam, try the following steps:

  • Use a balance of images and text
  • Remove any all-caps from your subject line & email body
  • Watch out for common spam-triggering words and phrases
  • Check any custom HTML for errors
  • Ensure your DNS records are configured correctly

One major benefit of using a platform like Mailchimp is that deliverability guidance is built in. Mailchimp offers helpful tips, and will alert you if it detects a red flag on your account.

Why Does Abuse Prevention Matter for Deliverability?

Abuse prevention does more than keep Mailchimp’s public image strong. Deliverability and abuse prevention go hand in hand. By preventing abuse, Mailchimp keeps its users’ sender reputations high. This improves the likelihood that all Mailchimp emails will land in the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Did Mailchimp Put a Block on My Account?

If Mailchimp’s Compliance Team finds a red flag in your account, you’ll find a warning under your account settings. Typically, Mailchimp will also provide you with steps to resolve the issue. Be forewarned: multiple red flags can lead to permanent suspension.

Common red flags include:

  • Fake or anonymous account information
  • Using a free email service like gmail
  • Importing subscribers who haven’t opted in
  • Noncompliance with Mailchimp terms of use
  • Spikes in bounced emails, unsubscribes, or abuse reports

How Can I Monitor My Mailchimp Deliverability?

While Mailchimp takes several steps to help its users’ emails stay out of the spam folder, there are still some actions that you can take to monitor and improve your deliverability. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Monitor your email campaign statistics: Pay attention to your email campaign statistics, including open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and spam complaint rates. These metrics can help you identify any issues and adjust your email content and send frequency accordingly. If subscribers find your content valuable, they are less likely to report it as spam.
  2. Keep your email list clean: Regularly remove inactive or disengaged subscribers from your email list to improve your deliverability. Mailchimp offers a variety of segmentation tools to help you manage your audiences and clean the old emails out. Plus, a list cleaning software like ZeroBounce can provide added insights on your audience.
  3. Authenticate your domain: Authentication methods, such as DKIM and SPF, verify that your emails are coming from a trusted source and can improve your deliverability. Authenticating your domain with Mailchimp is one important step in this process. Consider a Mailchimp training if you need authentication support.
  4. Test your emails before sending: Use Mailchimp’s preview and test tools to ensure your emails look and function as intended across different devices and email clients. Testing your emails can also help you identify issues in the code, which can have an impact on deliverability.

Where Can I Find More Deliverability Help?

For deliverability assistance, including domain authentication and audience analysis, consider working with a Mailchimp Pro Partner like Pure Firefly. Our email experts are trained in the most up-to-date deliverability guidelines. We can also help you identify why your emails are going to spam. Mailchimp & WordPress are our specialties, and we have familiarity with several popular domain registrars. 

Our Mailchimp audit is one of the most valuable services to ensure your account is optimized for deliverability. Reach out for a free quote any time!

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