The Value of Multichannel Marketing

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What I Learned This Week About The New Campaign Manager: Multichannel Marketing

Mailchimp’s new Campaign Manager is optimized for multichannel marketing. It allows users to track campaigns beyond email, across SMS, social media, direct mail, and digital ads. What’s the benefit of managing multiple channels in one place?

Picture this: Your favorite online shop sends you a coupon in the mail. After a week, this mailer makes its way from your mailbox to your coffee table, to somewhere underneath that growing stack of bills you mean to pay. 

Then, just when you thought the savings were lost forever, you get an email with that very same coupon code. This is just one scenario where multichannel marketing saves the day.

Using Mailchimp’s Campaign Manager, users can build connections across platforms in order to respond to customer needs. Users can now reinforce their brand identity across all of Mailchimp’s marketing tools. Email marketers can reap many benefits, including

  • Synchronize messaging between platforms and strengthen brand identity
  • Engage with customers at the right moment, on the right platforms
  • Boost engagement across marketing channels

With multichannel marketing, users meet customers where they’re at, and connect messaging across channels to boost engagement and sales.

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