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Learning The Campaign Manager Language

What I Learned This Week About The New Mailchimp Campaign Manager…

Every new Mailchimp tool comes with its own language. When I started using the new Campaign Manager, there was definitely an adjustment period to pick up all the new terms.

Skip the learning curve – Here’s what you need to know.

Touchpoints: Think of these as your building blocks. A touchpoint is the term for anything you can schedule on Campaign Manager, including: emails, tasks, webhooks, and events.

Tasks: Tasks are your to-do list. Use them to note anything you need to do for your campaigns, and set a status: not started, in progress, or complete.

Event: Keep track of key dates by scheduling an event. You can select an event type, set date & time, and even make notes.

Webhooks: “Hook” in other apps to manage everything right from Mailchimp. Using webhooks, a request from Mailchimp can trigger an action in another app. (Note: Webhooks work best when you have some coding knowledge.)

Once I picked up the Mailchimp Campaign Manager language, I was ready to dive in with some test touchpoints, tasks, and events. If you need more of a helping hand, check out Mailchimp’s Help Center, or schedule a call with us!

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