Our Top 3 Email Design Tips for Spring 2023

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If you’re in the northern hemisphere, warmer days are on their way. With the refreshing change in weather, why not refresh your email design too? 

Here are our favorite email design trends to help you stay ahead of the inbox competition, whether you’re sending automated emails, monthly newsletters, or promotional campaigns.

Spring Design Tips

  1. Creative image frames
  2. Bright & unexpected colors
  3. Product GIFs & animations

1. Email Designers Frame Creatively

Square & rectangular images have been a standard email design element for years. In 2023, designers are framing creatively. Some of the most successful brands in email marketing go beyond even round image frames and incorporate images with spiky, bubbly, and otherwise unusual edges.

When trying out unique frames for your own email design, use shapes that resonate with your brand. For example, rounded ovals and half rectangles can create modern designs suited to highly professional organizations, like real estate investment firms. Check out our portfolio for inspiration!

Images with transparent backgrounds are another great way to reach outside the box. As inboxes grow more crowded, many brands find success with image-focused emails, often using transparent backgrounds to make a product appear to floar. Try it out for your next promo email or product highlight!

2. Bright Colors in Email Design

When spring flowers bloom, trendy designs burst with uniquely vibrant colors. To help your emails stand out, consider incorporating an unusual background color or experimenting with your button styles. Effective uses of color draw the eye to an email’s call to action and coordinate well with the images used throughout.

If you’d like to use alternating background colors to highlight different sections of your email, Mailchimp’s new builder makes this more accessible than ever. Book a training with our experts to learn how to use it!

Use testing consistently to avoid overwhelming your audience with a blast of color. Mailchimp’s A/B testing tools simplify gauging your audience’s email design preferences. Here are a few email design testing tips: start small, and use click rate to measure a design’s success.

3. Product GIFs & Animations

Depending on your audience, GIFs can bring a major boost in engagement. Lately, many designers lean away from TV & pop culture gifs. Many brands are using custom gifs in top-motion, slideshow, and animated styles. Always test before taking a leap of faith on a new GIF in your newsletter!

Email Designs by Pure Firefly Reach Beyond the Trends

The tips above can help you improve  your email marketing potential. Many brands hoping to maximize their marketing will still choose to work with a designer. Experienced email designers use data-driven practices to tailor design elements to their target audience. Designs in our portfolio have been tested for effectiveness with real clients. If you’re interested in our email design services, just contact us for a consultation.

Pure Firefly also offers one-on-one trainings to take you through Mailchimp’s email design tools.

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