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Newsletter Glue: One Marketer’s Perspective

Newsletter Glue is a WordPress plugin which allows users to create & send newsletters from within the WordPress builder. Plus, it integrates with 13 major email service providers. This week, I used Newsletter Glue to build Pure Firefly’s monthly newsletter. Here are a few pros and cons for those who might be interested in trying it out!

Easy Blog Updates

For many bloggers, streamlining the process from creating a new blog post to emailing it out to their subscribers can be a challenge. RSS campaigns can run into technical challenges and lack the editability some bloggers would prefer. However, manually copy and pasting blog posts into an email marketing platform also requires a significant time investment.

Newsletter Glue is a great fit for bloggers and organizations in this position. By using your WordPress builder to create & send emails, the plugin takes advantage of the skills you already have. This makes sending out blog updates a much faster process. As Newsletter Glue co-founder Leslie Sim shared, “Once everything is set up, our customers save, on average, an hour or more per newsletter.”

For people and organizations sending newsletters on a regular basis, those hours certainly add up!

Built-In Brand Consistency

When you build newsletters in Newsletter Glue, all of the formatting from your website carries over. This is a great way to ensure consistency between your website and newsletters, fortifying your overall brand voice.

While this built-in consistency can be a plus for some organizations, it can also come with some drawbacks. Because the builder incorporates your overall website styles, it can be challenging to differentiate campaigns with unique colors and/or fonts. Newsletter Glue’s builder does allow users to customize text & color settings for each block, but it will always default to the style settings a user has already established for their WordPress site. 

This is one element which makes Newsletter Glue a better fit for informational newsletters than marketing campaigns. 

Other Considerations

When I built Pure Firefly’s newsletter in Newsletter Glue, I did run into a few challenges with image formatting. The good news is that Newsletter Glue’s tech support team was responsive and helpful. We communicated via email and they responded to every message within 48 hours.

Newsletter Glue’s code is heavily tested and follows WordPress VIP Coding standards. Like any tool, it still has a few quirks. When trying it out for the first time, be sure to double check that your email is appearing as intended across email platforms. Check the Newsletter Glue documentation to ensure all your blocks are email compatible. 

Overall, Newsletter Glue is a great fit for people who prefer creating posts in WordPress than building templates in their email marketing platform. 

Ready to Build Your Newsletter?

Newsletters are one of the best ways to nurture relationships with your audience. Need some inspiration?

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Thanks to Lesley Sim for her help with this article. Check out her website at, and definitely try out Newsletter Glue.

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