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classy vs bloomerang on a desktop computer screen

Classy vs. Bloomerang for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits use Classy or Bloomerang to manage their donor relationships and fundraising efforts. Both softwares offer a range of features to help nonprofits manage their fundraising campaigns. However, key differences make each platform preferable in distinct situations. Drawing on Pure Firefly’s background in nonprofit email marketing, we’re here to help you decide which software …

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on a laptop screen, an AI and an email marketer shake hands

ChatGPT for (AI-Hesitant) Email Marketers

If you’ve had an eye on any tech news, you know that Chat GPT is everywhere. The AI language model sparks questions about plagiarism, creativity, and language. Plus, people in diverse fields are using ChatGPT to streamline their work. This week, I set up an account to investigate the possibilities of ChatGPT for email marketers. …

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