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If you’re a Mailchimp user, don’t miss the food for thought in their Courier newsletter. A recent article asked: how do you become part of someone’s life rather than something that interrupts it? This question is a major driver behind smarter digital marketing.

For small businesses especially, carving out space in the budget for email marketing can be a challenge. So don’t just market more. Market smarter:

  • Avoid the Constant Sale: A recent study by Ben Nachlas found that companies in his inbox send more emails each year, with more frequent promotional offers. A big sale can attract attention, but don’t leave your subscribers wondering, “Didn’t they just send me this offer last week?” Sales are less likely to move subscribers if they know the next one is just around the corner.
  • Be an Ally, Not an Aggravation: Beyond sending promos, successful marketing strategies build a genuine connection with their subscribers. Offer something to make a reader smile, wonder, or better understand your products. Smarter digital marketing focuses on building relationships, not just making sales.
  • Contain the Churn: Engagement rates can help to understand email performance, but keeping an eye on customer churn is also essential. Pause, zoom out, and see how your business matches up with its customers and compares to competitors. If you don’t understand who your customers are, marketing to them can be a shot in the dark.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the email marketing strategy, start small! Try sharing a survey with your audience to understand their interests. 

Pure Firefly also offers various marketing services to help you set up that first educational campaign or target your most loyal customers. An expert training is the perfect way to begin building a smarter digital marketing strategy.

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