How To Use Mailchimp Landing Pages

Mailchimp landing page builder on a desktop computer

Mailchimp landing pages are a great way to extend your marketing strategy beyond the basic email campaign. Plus, the landing page builder by Mailchimp is flexible and easy to use. If you’ve built a Mailchimp template before, it may look familiar!

With Mailchimp’s landing pages, you can create stunning signup forms, plus pages for any campaign or event.

Build Your First Mailchimp Landing Page

Mailchimp’s landing page builder is very similar to the classic builder for email templates. After setting your landing page name and choosing a template, customize any part of the page using blocks. You can find all your content blocks on the right side, including:

  • Regular & boxed text
  • Images, image and text blocks, image groups, and image cards
  • Signup forms
  • Dividers
  • Social follow & share icons
  • Buttons
  • Videos
  • Products, payment, and promo codes*

Select any of these blocks and drag it to the left side of the builder to begin designing your landing page!

*Note: In Summer 2023, shoppable landing pages will be retired from the Mailchimp landing page builder. You can still encourage sales with Mailchimp landing pages, but payment must be completed using an outside service.

How to Publish Your Landing Page

Once you’ve finished building, publishing a Mailchimp landing page is simple! Hit “save & close” to finalize your design and proceed to the next page. Choose a concise page title & attractive site icon. You can also adjust the social media preview to coordinate the landing page with your multichannel strategy.

Use the audience setting to decide which audience subscribers will join when they sign up on your Mailchimp landing page. You can also set up auto-tagging to segment your audience or trigger a new customer journey. If you’re unsure how to use auto-tagging in your email marketing strategy, consider seeking guidance from a Mailchimp expert.

You can publish your pages to either a Mailchimp domain or a custom domain. For the most professional appearance, use an authenticated custom domain to host your Mailchimp landing page. This feature requires a paid account, but free users can still customize the last half of their URL. That means everything after “” is up to you!

Combine Landing Pages with Email Marketing Strategy

With some practice, the landing page builder is super simple to use. But don’t turn your brain off just yet (unless you want someone to design it for you). To maximize the effectiveness of your landing page, make it a part of your broader marketing strategy.

Where do smart marketing strategies begin? With a goal. You may want to increase your sales, drive traffic to your website, or grow your Mailchimp audience. Let this goal drive your landing page design!

For example, consider creating a landing page for your next seasonal sale. Whenever you send emails promoting the sale, include a link to the page. By visiting your landing page first, subscribers’ attention can be directed to products on sale. Savings will be at the top of their mind, and they will be one step closer to completing their next purchase.

Pure Firefly Can Help You Build a Mailchimp Landing Page

If you’re unsure how best to use landing pages in your email marketing strategy, our team of email marketing experts is here to help! We provide various digital marketing & design services to suit any small business or nonprofit. 

Before you build the landing page for your next marketing campaign, reach out for a quote.

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