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Why Should You Consolidate Your Mailchimp Audiences?

Audience consolidation is a common practice among Mailchimp users. Consolidating audiences can reduce monthly costs and simplify audience management. When you consolidate your lists in Mailchimp, you ensure that all contacts live in one place. This makes it easier to send campaigns, trigger automations, and organize your audience into tags, groups, and segments.

What is Audience Consolidation?

Audience consolidation refers to the practice of combining multiple audiences (AKA lists) into one. Typically, the consolidation process consists of exporting all audience files and re-importing them into one master list.

During a consolidation, some marketers will choose to clean their list, often using a platform like Zerobounce. Many email pros also see audience consolidation as an opportunity to organize their master list using tags and/or groups.

Think of it like spring cleaning!

The Benefits of a Single List

Why is it better to use only one Mailchimp email list? There are several benefits to a single list strategy, including:

  • Pay less: Because Mailchimp charges by the contact, duplicate contacts stored on multiple lists can inflate your bill significantly.
  • Segment & target easily: When all contacts are in one place, it is easier to organize them using tags, groups, and segments.
  • Simplify signups & unsubscribes: Subscribers that opt out of one list are not automatically removed from other lists. By keeping all contacts in one audience, you reduce the chance a contact will receive emails after unsubscribing, decreasing the likelihood that they will report you as a spammer.
  • Prevent double-sending: When you send the same email to multiple lists, it is likely that contacts on more than one list will receive the same email twice.

These are only a few of the most common reasons Mailchimp users choose to consolidate their lists. For more information, check out Mailchimp’s article on how to organize your contacts.

6 Signs You Should Consolidate

Wondering if audience consolidation is necessary? Here are a few signs a single-list strategy is needed.

  1. You find yourself sending the same campaign to multiple audience lists
  2. You have over 4 audiences, or several very small audiences
  3. Campaign metrics vary widely across your different audiences, making them difficult to read
  4. You haven’t used tags or groups to organize your list(s)
  5. Your monthly Mailchimp bill is very high
  6. Contacts frequently report your emails as spam

If you match any of the signs above, audience consolidation may significantly improve your Mailchimp experience! Reach out to a Mailchimp Pro Partner like Pure Firefly for audience consolidation, list cleaning, and/or audience organization.

How to Combine Mailchimp Audiences

Mailchimp offers a few options for combining lists. The simplest is the “Combine audiences” button. To find this, navigate to the “Manage Audiences” page, where you’ll find all of your audience lists. 

mailchimp dropdown with blue arrow pointing to Find the audience you would like to add to your master list, and open the drop down menu next to “Stats.”

Click on “Combine audiences” and choose the list you’d like to merge your audience into.

When you use the “Combine audiences” button, you may lose tags or fields from your original list. Mailchimp can also run into errors when one of the lists is integrated with another platform.

In order to avoid errors, many Mailchimp experts recommend consolidating manually rather than using the “Combine audiences” button. This process involves exporting all lists, archiving them, and importing them into a master audience. If you’d like to dive into manual consolidation, consider booking a training call with a Mailchimp pro to walk through the process.

How to Organize Your Master List

So, all your contacts are in one audience – Now what? 

In order to maximize your campaign effectiveness, make use of segmentation tools like tags and groups to organize your master list. This will allow you to target different types of subscribers with messages that are relevant to them.

Along with tags and groups, keep an eye on your audience fields. Check out the “Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags” page in your audience settings to see what fields you have, and add any more you may need! Mailchimp allows up to 30 fields per audience.

Pure Firefly are Audience Consolidation Masters!

Audience consolidation is one of the best ways to reduce your Mailchimp bill, reduce spam reports, and simplify your email marketing processes. If you’re interested in having your lists consolidated by an email marketing professional, contact Pure Firefly. We offer complete audience consolidation, cleaning, and organization. 

Want to do it yourself? Try a training call to get familiar with the process.

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