Mailchimp campaign manager on laptop screen

Learning The Campaign Manager Language

By Alex Gallagher | February 23, 2023

What I Learned This Week About The New Mailchimp Campaign Manager… Every new Mailchimp tool comes with its own language. When I started using the new Campaign Manager, there was definitely an adjustment period to pick up all the new terms. Skip the learning curve – Here’s what you need to know. Touchpoints: Think of […]

laptop with a stack of papers related to a multi-channel campaign

The Value of Multichannel Marketing

By Alex Gallagher | February 17, 2023

What I Learned This Week About The New Campaign Manager: Multichannel Marketing Mailchimp’s new Campaign Manager is optimized for multichannel marketing. It allows users to track campaigns beyond email, across SMS, social media, direct mail, and digital ads. What’s the benefit of managing multiple channels in one place? Picture this: Your favorite online shop sends […]

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