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What I Learned This Week About Mailchimp’s New Campaign Manager

If you’ve ever sorted through campaign analytics, you know how challenging it can be to nail down a strategy for when to send. There are a lot of variables to account for. Is your audience checking email all day, or only after work? Do they get online on the weekend, or give their computer a 50-foot radius? Thankfully, the new campaign manager has send day optimization.

Start by designing your email and added it to the campaign manager as a touchpoint. Finally, hit “send day optimization,” and Mailchimp will recommend a send day based on your industry. Plus, this tool displays “good,” “better,” and “best” days to send (for those of us who refuse to send an email on a Saturday).

Suggestions for send day optimization are based on historic click rate data across Mailchimp’s users. As you continue to send more emails to your audience, you will likely see the recommended send day & time adjust to your audience behavior.

Having trouble finding it? Just click on any campaign from the calendar view. Then, the Enable SDO slider will appear on the left-side menu.

Pure Firefly also offers one-on-one trainings to help you better understand Mailchimp’s tools, including the campaign manager.

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