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What Else Can Mailchimp Do? Beyond Email Marketing

Email is our happy place, but effective marketing requires more than just sending emails. As Mailchimp Pro Partners, we’d like to highlight the tools and features Mailchimp offers beyond basic email. In this article, we’ll explore how the following Mailchimp tools can enhance your marketing efforts:

  1. Social Media Posts & Ads
  2. Landing Pages
  3. SMS
  4. Postcards
  5. Surveys

Engage your audience beyond email to reach new levels of engagement & conversion!

Create Social Media Posts & Ads

In 2023, almost everyone has a social media presence – Including brands & organizations! Mailchimp recognizes the importance of a robust social media presence and offers tools to reach your audience on some of the most popular platforms. With Mailchimp’s Social Media Posts & Ads, you can seamlessly connect your Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook accounts. Schedule, publish, and manage posts from your campaign page.

By integrating your social media marketing efforts with your email campaigns, you can maintain a consistent brand voice and expand your reach to a wider audience. Check out our post on multichannel marketing to learn more!

Landing Pages

Visually appealing and conversion-focused landing pages can make or break a marketing campaign. Mailchimp’s Landing Pages feature gives you the tools to create an effective landing page. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder, you can design and customize landing pages that align with your brand. These pages allow you to promote products, announce special offers, acquire new leads, and more. 

You can also automatically tag contacts who sign up via a landing page, in order to send them targeted emails later on down the line. To learn about this process and implement it yourself, set up a training session with one of our email specialists.

Use Mailchimp for SMS

In a world where people are constantly connected to their smartphones, SMS marketing has emerged as a highly effective communication channel. Mailchimp understands this and offers an integrated SMS feature to send personalized text messages and alerts to your audience’s mobile devices.

Currently, transactional SMS is only available to users with a Mailchimp Store. However, Mailchimp has big things on the horizon! They are currently beta testing a more advanced SMS tool, which many users can apply for today. Keep an eye on their product updates page to see when this feature becomes available to all.


By reaching beyond the digital realm, physical mail can have a powerful impact on your audience. Mailchimp’s Postcards feature enables you to design and send personalized, printed postcards to your customers. Whether it’s for announcing a special offer, expressing gratitude, or simply staying top of mind, postcards create a lasting impression on your subscribers, who may be overwhelmed by a crowded email inbox. 

Mailchimp’s Custom Surveys

Direct audience feedback is essential for improving your products, measuring campaign success, and understanding your audience. Some contacts are even more likely to engage with emails that include surveys or other interactive components.

Mailchimp’s Surveys feature allows you to create and distribute customized surveys via email or using a shareable link. The survey templates are easy to use, with options to add content, set up auto-tagging, and create robust reports. If you need a hand getting your first survey set up, reach out to Pure Firefly.

Maximize Your Mailchimp Investment with Pure Firefly

With tools reaching beyond basic email, Mailchimp helps businesses connect with their audience wherever they are. To fully embrace the capabilities of Mailchimp and take your marketing efforts to new heights, consider working with a Mailchimp Pro Partner like Pure Firefly. Our comprehensive audit is a great place to start for businesses looking to strategically expand their digital marketing efforts. Contact us today for a quote!

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Send Day Optimization

What I Learned This Week About Mailchimp’s New Campaign Manager

If you’ve ever sorted through campaign analytics, you know how challenging it can be to nail down a strategy for when to send. There are a lot of variables to account for. Is your audience checking email all day, or only after work? Do they get online on the weekend, or give their computer a 50-foot radius? Thankfully, the new campaign manager has send day optimization.

Start by designing your email and added it to the campaign manager as a touchpoint. Finally, hit “send day optimization,” and Mailchimp will recommend a send day based on your industry. Plus, this tool displays “good,” “better,” and “best” days to send (for those of us who refuse to send an email on a Saturday).

Suggestions for send day optimization are based on historic click rate data across Mailchimp’s users. As you continue to send more emails to your audience, you will likely see the recommended send day & time adjust to your audience behavior.

Having trouble finding it? Just click on any campaign from the calendar view. Then, the Enable SDO slider will appear on the left-side menu.

Pure Firefly also offers one-on-one trainings to help you better understand Mailchimp’s tools, including the campaign manager.

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Learning The Campaign Manager Language

What I Learned This Week About The New Mailchimp Campaign Manager…

Every new Mailchimp tool comes with its own language. When I started using the new Campaign Manager, there was definitely an adjustment period to pick up all the new terms.

Skip the learning curve – Here’s what you need to know.

  • Touchpoints: Think of these as your building blocks. A touchpoint is the term for anything you can schedule on the Mailchimp Campaign Manager, including: emails, tasks, webhooks, and events.
  • Tasks: Tasks are your to-do list. Use them to note anything you need to do for your campaigns, and set a status: not started, in progress, or complete.
  • Events: Keep track of key dates by scheduling an event. You can select an event type, set date & time, and even make notes.
  • Webhooks: “Hook” in other apps to manage everything right from Mailchimp. Using webhooks, a request from Mailchimp can trigger an action in another app. (Note: Webhooks work best when you have some coding knowledge.)

Once I picked up the Mailchimp Campaign Manager language, I was ready to dive in with some test touchpoints, tasks, and events. If you need more of a helping hand, check out Mailchimp’s Help Center, or schedule a call with us!

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The Value of Multichannel Marketing

What I Learned This Week About The New Campaign Manager: Multichannel Marketing

Mailchimp’s new Campaign Manager is optimized for multichannel marketing. It allows users to track campaigns beyond email, across SMS, social media, direct mail, and digital ads. What’s the benefit of managing multiple channels in one place?

Picture this: Your favorite online shop sends you a coupon in the mail. After a week, this mailer makes its way from your mailbox to your coffee table, to somewhere underneath that growing stack of bills you mean to pay. 

Then, just when you thought the savings were lost forever, you get an email with that very same coupon code. This is just one scenario where multichannel marketing saves the day.

Using Mailchimp’s Campaign Manager, users can build connections across platforms in order to respond to customer needs. Users can now reinforce their brand identity across all of Mailchimp’s marketing tools. Email marketers can reap many benefits, including

  • Synchronize messaging between platforms and strengthen brand identity
  • Engage with customers at the right moment, on the right platforms
  • Boost engagement across marketing channels

With multichannel marketing, users meet customers where they’re at, and connect messaging across channels to boost engagement and sales.

Need help coordinating your multichannel strategy? Book a call with Pure Firefly!

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